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Commercial and Industrial Appraisers and Consultants

The Gorman Group is a full service commercial real estate appraisal company providing quality professional real estate services since 1965. From our main office in the metropolitan Chicago area we are well situated to provide real estate appraisal services on a local and national basis.

Frank Lloyd Wright designed

What do we do? Locally, we provide both unique and “typical” appraisals. Typical appraisals include properties like stores, industrial buildings, farmland or office buildings. 

On a national level (and of course locally as well)  we specialize in appraising complex and/or  unusual properties. We’ve appraised these types of properties across the entire country.  Properties considered unusual or complex include golf courses, car washes, regional airport properties or even buildings noted as being of a historical nature.  They are typically properties other appraisers are not qualified to handle or are reluctant to attempt. 

Sanford, Maine airport appraisal
The highlighted airport areas were appraised for development with a solar array in Maine

Our expert appraisers have specialties in niche areas like golf courses, airport properties and partial interests. The Gorman Group’s portfolio of assignments reflects a remarkable range, and, as noted we also provide valuation services for conventional commercial properties.

The values of unusual or unique real estate are not arrived at by a simple formula or calculation. Arriving at these values takes in-depth market research, detailed analysis and appraisers with specialized experience.

Our clients are almost as diverse as the scope of our work and include such entities as the US Army Corps of Engineers, the National Park Service, the Small Business Administration (SBA), The Nature Conservancy, The Department of the Interior, major corporations and numerous financial institutions. A relatively large list of our past and present clients can be found here.

While they may be diverse, our clients have one thing in common: they all need more than just a supportable valuation of real estate, they require appraisers they can trust; appraisers with time-tested experience valuing a diverse array of properties.

Whether you need an appraiser for a conventional property or special property, the Gorman Group can provide the accurate appraisal you need. Our reports are designed to be easily understood, even for complex properties, and our turnaround times are reasonable.

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