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Bob Gorman is a native of Chicago’s SouthSide and now resides in the Village of Frankfort with his wife Margaret. He has two adult children, Kevin and Colleen. Margaret is a recently retired (at a very early age) school teacher and Kevin is a CPA. Kevin recently moved out of the family house and … since he got his own mortgage, he is not expected back. Colleen (a former four-year Big 10 swimmer at the University of Illinois) is now in Law School and she is finally learning how to study.

2008 update – Kevin has moved back (so much for my thoughts about mortgages and not coming home). Colleen has finished law school, is studying for the bar exam, and is looking for a job (she has a high IQ 140, so if you are looking to hire an attorney, please hire her).

2010 update – Kevin has moved to South Beach and is doing international taxes for Burger King. Colleen passed the bar exam, went to work for the Speaker of the House and is now a Public Defender. Margaret did a good job on both kids.

2018 update – Kevin has moved back to Chicagoland. He is in charge of international taxes for Ferroglobe an international company dealing with Electrometallurgical, Mining, Energy and Silicon products. He is married and has two children. Colleen is continuing her career as a public defender. She is also married and has two children.

In addition to running his appraisal practice, Bob serves on many boards and commissions. Relating to real estate appraisal, he is a chairman of the State of Illinois Appraisal Licensing Board, a member of the Appraisal Foundation advisory committee. Theses positions give him the opportunity to study the laws impacting appraisers on a national basis as well as within Illinois. He is currently involved in rewriting the Illinois Real Estate Appraisal Act. He is also the president of the Illinois Chapter of the American Guild of Appraisers – an AFL-CIO affiliated union.

He has also been involved in many community activities. He was the treasurer of the local library, served on the Board of Trustees for the Homewood-Flossmoor High School Foundation, and was on the advisory board for the Juvenile Diabetes division of LaRabida Children’s Hospital (division of University of Chicago Hospital).
Unfortunately, none of those positions pay.

A printable version of Robert Gorman’s qualifications can be found here.

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