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We have been providing appraisal services for historic properties for quite a long time. The types we have apprised have ranged from houses to museums.

National Landmark appraisals
National Landmark – Auditorium Theatre

It should be noted that just because a property is designated as being of a historic nature does not mean that it is particularly protected, most are not.

Being registered on the National Register of Historic Places certainly suggests that the property is of historical significance. It, however, does not place restrictions on what a non-federal owner may or may not do with a property, including razing it. On the other hand, local governmental restrictions may preclude changes. There are over 90,000 properties on the National Register.

There is a more significant listing, one where a building, site or structure has been officially recognized by the United States Government for its outstanding historical significance. It is the National Historic Landmark listing. That list includes less than 3,000 of the properties on the National Register. That list includes not only historic buildings but also sites or even ships or shipwrecks.

About half of these National Landmark properties are in private hands.

Historic site appraisals
Nauvoo Illinois – Historic Site Appraised by Gorman Group

Even being a National Landmark doesn’t guarantee the preservation of a property – it does, however, ensure a more thorough review of demolition proposals,but it does not prohibit demolition outright. On the other hand, if Federal Monies are involved a different set of rules applies and demolition may be prohibited.

The Gorman Group has been privileged to perform appraisals on a number of these properties – properties that are designated National Landmarks. They include: The Wright Cycle Company Complex in Dayton Ohio, the Nauvoo Historic District in Nauvoo, Illinois and the Auditorium Theatre in Chicago.
We have also performed several appraisals along the Illinois and Michigan Canal in the Pullman Historic District.

By far, the most interesting historic property we have appraised is the Auditorium Theatre in downtown Chicago. Built in the late 1800’s, not only is the theatre classified as a National Landmark on the National Registry, it is also classified as a Work of Art by the City of Chicago. It is considered by the city of Chicago to be its most significant historic structure. While the building was originally conceived as a as a state-of-the-art performance venue, it was recognized that to be economically feasible it would need financial assistance. The result was a multi-use structure including hotel and offices. The additions were intended to help fund performances and keep ticket prices affordable.

The Auditorium is not only an imposing building on Chicago’s famous Michigan Avenue, but the interior has numerous fine art touches.

The Auditorium staircase design
Staircase Work
US national landmark appraisals
Ceiling Work
US national registry appraising
Intricate Cornice Design

Frank Llyod Wright Highrise

Frank Lloyd Wright designed and built one highrise, Originally designed as a one of four apartment building complex to be constructed in New York City in the 1920’s, the depression killed the project. Wright resurrected it in the 1950’s changing it from a straight apartment complex to a single mixed use building with a mix of three tenant types: residential, retail and office. Today it is part office, part hotel and part museum.

The Wright Cycle Company Complex in Dayton Ohio was in interesting assignment…particularly because it was not only an older building designated as a national landmark, but it was also new and modern. The front portion of the building was original while the rear had been completely rebuilt by the National Park District for a cost of over $5 million.

National landmark appraisal
Front of Building
Wright Cycle Company Complex Historical Appraisal
Rear of Building
appraising historical properties
Interior of Wright Office

Historically significant homes that we’ve appraised include a number that were built for the 1933 World’s Fair in Chicago – the Century of Progress exhibit. The homes were relocated by barge from Chicago to Beverly Shores Indiana in 1935 right after the Fair closed. While not National Landmarks, they are on the National Register of Historic Places.

appraising properties on the national register of historic places
Florida House
register of historic places appraising
Armco Ferro House
national register of historic places appraisals
Weiboldt-Rostone House

Even single-family properties can have an historic significance. For example, Ronald Reagan’s childhood home in Dixon, IL, (below) is considered a historical building.

Ronald Reagan Home Appraised
So, whether you have a simple historic property, a complex landmark or museum,
The Gorman Group has the expertise to assist you in its valuation.
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