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IRS Valuations (MACRS, Gifting, etc.)

While reading this page, please remember that the writing is somewhat cumbersome (particularly the redundant use of terms like MACRS and depreciation) because it is constructed in a manner directed to Internet search engines as well as to “human” readers.


There are many obscure Internal Revenue Service (IRS) rules. One of the more obscure of these Internal Revenue Service (IRS) rules is the one that has to do with depreciation – the Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery System – MACRS. As appraisers (appraise) we are particularly suited to estimate the depreciable (depreciate) costs.
In the 1980’s, IRS (Internal Revenue Service) real estate depreciation rules were radically changed. The Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery System (MACRS) referred to as the “general depreciation system” is now the appropriate depreciation methodology. As appraisers, we can provide your accountant with the proper amounts to be depreciated.
We provide appraisals for MACRS (Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery System).
The appraisal process is only a small part of overall MACRS process. It is recommended that clients wishing to avail themselves of this service check with their CPA firm.

The canopy of this gas station can be depreciated at a greater rate than the other improvements.

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