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Among the more unusual appraisal assignment are those involving museums and or historic landmark properties. The historic property that has given us the most pleasure to appraise is the Auditorium Theater in downtown. Built in the late 1800’s it is considered by the City of Chicago to be its most significant historical structure. It located on Chicago’s famous Michigan Avenue overlooking Grant Park, Buckingham Fountain and Lake Michigan. It overlooks Lake Michigan from the famous Michigan Avenue. 

The building shown below is of the historic Wright Brothers printing office in Dayton Ohio.  While the front of this building shows its historic character, the rear (shown below) is anything but historic. The property has been adapted to museum use.

Wright Brothers Museum, Dayton, OH

Even single-family properties can have an historic significance. For example, Ronald Reagan’s childhood home in Dixon, IL, (below) is considered a historical building.

Ronald Reagan Home

So, whether you have a simple historic property, a complex landmark or museum, The Gorman Group has the expertise to assist you in its valuation.

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