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The roof shown above was damaged in a hail storm. The Gorman Group’s analysis resulted in a $1,000,000.00 award to the client – significantly in excess of the less than $100,000.00 originally offered by the insurance company.

While our primary service is one of real estate valuation, we provide a full menu of services. These include:

Litigation support – Expert Witness
Network Location Studies
Cost Analysis
Feasibility Studies

On occasion, we have even provided marketing assistance – from recommending Realtors to actually listing and selling properties. We can even help with the design of sales brochures.

Litigation support ranges from the analysis of appraisal reports and helping attorney’s hone in on weaknesses in them, to the development of proactive documentation. (Of course we would not be acting as appraisers when developing proactive documentation.)

Network Location studies are key to site selection, particularly when dealing with multi-unit facilities. It is important for our clients to know that a new facility will not encroach on the market of existing facilities.

Consulting ranges from simply helping clients ascertain their real estate needs to developing acquisition plans.

Cost Analysis – sometimes clients only need to know what it would cost to replace their existing structure, not the market value. In other cases clients need to know how much it would cost for a new facility. We perform those services.

Negotiations – having taught negotiation skills, I have found it is often beneficial to have a third party negotiate transactions. Moreover, it takes the “ego” out of the process.

Feasibility studies answer questions like, “Will this project work for my company?” This frequently asked question generally has to do with money. It is not uncommon for a corporation to need a larger or new space and there needs to be an analysis as to the cost versus benefit of the proposed project.

If you have real estate needs, the Gorman Group will help or find the right person to help you resolve your problem.

NOTE : If you are thinking of ordering an appraisal for financing purposes, please consult with your lender first. Federal law dictates that banks must order the appraisal – not the borrower.

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