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The Price Tower is an iconic architectural masterpiece located in Bartlesville, Oklahoma, United States. It was designed by the renowned American architect Frank Lloyd Wright and completed in 1956. The tower stands at 221 feet (68 meters) tall and consists of 19 stories.

The Price Tower was originally commissioned by Harold C. Price, an oil pipeline company executive, as a mixed-use building to serve as office space for his company, H.C. Price Company, as well as to provide rental apartments and retail spaces. Wright’s design for the tower was innovative and unique, showcasing his distinct style and philosophy.

One of the striking features of the Price Tower is its organic, copper-clad exterior. The tower’s construction incorporates geometric forms and angles, reflecting Wright’s concept of “designed to the nature.” The interior spaces were carefully planned to maximize efficiency and functionality, with an emphasis on natural light and open floor plans.

The tower’s unique design extends to the furniture and fixtures, which were also designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. He believed in the integration of architecture and design, and the Price Tower exemplifies this approach. Wright’s vision included custom-designed furniture, built-in cabinetry, and decorative elements that harmonized with the overall aesthetic of the building.
In 2000, the Price Tower was designated a National Historic Landmark, recognizing its architectural significance and contribution to American design. It is the only realized skyscraper by Frank Lloyd Wright, and it stands as a testament to his innovative ideas and enduring legacy.
Today, the Price Tower serves as a cultural center and museum. It houses the Price Tower Arts Center, which features exhibitions on architecture, design, and contemporary art. The museum offers guided tours, showcasing the tower’s architectural highlights and Wright’s design principles. Visitors can also explore the restored apartments on the tower’s upper floors, which provide a glimpse into the mid-century modern lifestyle.
In addition to the museum and cultural center, the Price Tower includes a hotel, allowing visitors to stay overnight and experience the unique ambiance of this architectural gem. The hotel rooms are designed with a blend of modern amenities and Wright’s original aesthetic, providing a distinctive and memorable experience for guests. The Price Tower stands as a significant architectural landmark, symbolizing the innovative spirit and artistic vision of Frank Lloyd Wright. It continues to inspire and educate visitors from around the world, offering a glimpse into the legacy of one of America’s most celebrated architects.
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